The best IPTV Android Box in 2022? Smart TV Box

What is an IPTV Box or in other words Box Android TV?

Simplified Android TV home display: When you install an Android TV box for the very first time, you will find a list of app recommendations in the Google Play Store (according to your setup history). At the peak of the Android TV launcher is a brand new Google Assistant shortcut, and under it's a"favorite apps" row and"watch next" choice that lets you keep binge-watching shows with a single click.

Android TV channels: In Android Oreo, personalized recommendations and popular content appear at horizontal rows of thumbnails alongside programs, and hovering over those thumbnails shows short animated previews of live TV, trailers, or emphasize clips. Along with controlling playback voice commands like"rewind ten minutes" and"play the former incident", you are able to play or resume TV shows and films using a voice command, control connected appliances and lightbulbs (try saying, "turn the lights to film mode"), utilize third-party programs and solutions ("talk to Domino's and track a new sequence","order popcorn out of Google Express"), and answer trivia questions ("who starred in the most recent Die Hard film?") .
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K 
Amazon Fire TV 
SkyStream TWO 
Easytone T95S1 Android 7.1 
Leelbox Q2 PRO S 
Pendoo X8 Mini 
Minix Neo U1 
G-Box Q3 Plus TV Box 
Q Plus Android 9.0 TV Box 

Best Android TV Boxes Android TV is a version of Android with a 10-foot interface designed for televisions. Google's Leanback Launcher puts TV shows and movies first and foremost, using vertically-scrolling rows populated by content from video apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Plex, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, Showtime Anytime, Kodi, Disney Movies Anywhere, WatchESPN, Crackle, EPIX, and YouTube; music apps like Google Play Music, Spotify, Tidal, Sirius XM, and Pandora; and subscription TV apps like PlayStation Vue. Sling TV, also YouTube TV. Android TV apparatus provide native Chromecast integration, enabling apps to cast articles to Android TV boxes and televisions. And they are incorporated with the Google Play Store ecosystem, which boasts a growing collection of films, music, apps, and video games. That's why we've compiled a listing of the Android TV boxes and Android TV televisions on the market right now. It's not comprehensive, but if you're searching for an Android TV device that is (1) positively reviewed and (2) readily available for buy, you've come to the right place. Android TV boxes aren't like other set-top streaming devices, as anybody who's done a little comparison shopping can tell you. It is operated by Google but dispersed among third-party OEMs which are given free rein as they see fit to tweak, customize, and Boost Android TV and a TV entertainment system according to Android. As a result, there's a diversity of set-top boxes out of NVIDIA, Xiaomi, and more. Unfortunately, the abundance of choice makes it challenging to sort the good from the bad. Others, such as the Sharp AN-NP40 and CCC Air Stick, are not available in the U.S. Android TV boxes are more or less akin to the Amazon Fire TV apparatus and Apple TV because they're entirely self-contained. They're compatible with a track or just about any tv with an HDMI interface, and they stream content using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Android TV's other highlights include support for external storage via USB, native Bluetooth match control support, and a YouTube app that may stream 4K content. The latest version of Android TV, which can be based on Android Oreo, provides a few new features to the mixture: So what's Android TV? Quite simply, it's the successor to Google's ill-fated Google TV platform, and the search giant's response to the Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV. What is Android TV and how does this work?
While you can stream your video from a lot of different devices, nothing beats a smart TV box in video, audio, comfort, and as many features as you would like to take into account. If you're prepared to find that the list of the real Android TV Boxes on the market, you only have to scroll down. Manufacturers are currently using the open-source Android operating method to create set-top boxes of Google. Though, there are dozens and dozens of them on the industry. Because of this, we have put together a thorough collection of the most effective Android TV for the best experience. From Google Playstore, you can download apps with these TVs, flow directly to the TV, and use them. There are hundreds of explanations for so while some TVs have more features, and are better at certain things than others, it's up to you to determine which one you prefer.

1. The best IPTV Android Box in 2022? Smart TV Box 

If you have been researching Android TVs, then this should be a familiar name. With a quad-core processor, 8GB of storage, Voice-enabled remote, and 4K support, this is the works.
A new version is set to come out this year with 1.5GB RAM, and upgrades all along the Box.
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Specs

Quad-core processor with 1GB RAM

8GB storage with Wi-Fi
Voice-enabled control and a host of apps like Netflix, ITV Hub, All 4, and more
Fire OS 6.2.1 operating system

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Pros

Looks Amazing
Comes with a Flashdrive
4K support for fast updating
Dolby Digital support

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Cons

The storage is low
The storage cannot be increased

2. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

High Quality is the only word that best describes Amazon’s Android TV Boxes, and their Fire TV Streaming Media Player explains why best.

The picture quality is fantastic, and the Alexa voice remote makes its use a lot simpler.

Amazon Fire TV Specs

4K support
2GB RAM and 8GB storage
1080p HD video support and quad-core processor

Comes with over 10,000 apps
High-quality videos
Storage can be upgraded to 200GB

Amazon Fire TV Cons

Too many adverts

3. Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV is a high-end Android TV Box that has an unmatched quality. It is especially useful for video game players because of the powerful graphics card in the Nvidia box.

Its high resolution earns it a top spot as one of the best Android TV Boxes.

Nvidia Shield TV Specs

Quad-core Tegra X1 processor and 3GB RAM
Shield TV 7.1.0 operating system and 16GB storage
No voice-enabled remote
Ethernet and 802.11ac Wi-Fi enabled

Nvidia Shield TV Pros

Strong RAM and storage
High-quality video
Powerful graphics card
Wi=Fi and Ethernet Enabled
Nvidia Shield TV Cons

Nvidia Shield TV Pricy

You need to make some other purchase before playing games
You need robust Ethernet to play games


SkyStream Two Streaming Media Player Android TV Box 3GB DDR4/32GB 4K Ready to Stream

When discussing streaming, SkyStream is the right choice. It’s so easy to connect to a TV and comes equipped with a Nougat 7.1.2 operating system

It is superb for gamers, and compatible with most everyday applications. SkyStream is most definitely a leader in a quality display.

SkyStream TWO Specs

Octa-core processor
3GB RAM and 4K support
Stand-alone graphics card
Nougat 7.1.2 operating system
SkyStream TWO Pros

Easy to use
High-quality HD and 4K videos
Fantastic access to a wide range of content

SkyStream TWO Cons


5. Easytone T95S1 Android 7.1

EASYTONE Android TV Box,T95S1 TV Boxes Android 7.1 with 2GB+ 16GB Quad Core CPU 64 Bits Supporting 4K (60Hz) Full HD/H.265 /3D Outputs Google TV Box

Easytone is not special; Amlogic S905W chip, 2GB RAM and a 16GB storage. However, it gets to the 5th position solely on a balance between design, ease-of-use, stability, and sheer speed.

Easytone T95S1 Android 7.1 Specs

2GB RAM and 16GB storage
Quad-core processor
Nougat 7.1.2 operating system and 802.11n Wi-Fi

Easytone T95S1 Android 7.1 Pros

Solid design and Ease-of-use
Highly Durable
Fast and reliable
Bluetooth enabled

6. Leelbox Q2 PRO S

Leelbox Android TV Box, Q3 Andriod 7.1 Smart TV Box 5G WiFi 2GB RAM 16GB ROM TV Box

Perhaps number six is unfair to Leelbox, but in our defense, there are just so many good options.
It is swift and has impressive compatibility with Playstore apps. It comes with a brilliant interface and is remarkable to look.

Leelbox Q2 PRO S Specs

Quad-core processor with Penta-core GPU
4GB RAM and 16GB storage
4K support and excellent video decoding
Android 8.1

Leelbox Q2 PRO S Pros

Ease of use
Impressive memory space and speed
Wi-Fi and Ethernet equipped
Can be used as a computer

Leelbox Q2 PRO S Cons

No voice commands
No built-in RF receiver

7. Pendoo X8 Mini

Android 9.0 TV Box,Pendoo TX6 Android TV Box 4GB DDR3 32GB EMMC Dual WiFi 2.4G+5G Bluetooth Quad Core 3D 4K Ultra HD H.265 USB3.0 Android TV Box

For such an inexpensive model, Pendoo carries a big stick. It weighs just under 3.5 ounces but is powerful enough to stream HD videos.
If you are looking for portable on-the-go entertainment, Pendoo is likely your best choice.
2GB RAM and 16GB storage
2 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches in size
Wi-Fi and 4K support

Pendoo X8 Mini Pros

Cheap and lightweight
Incredible video resolution
Impressive storage size
Wi-Fi, USB and micro SD enabled

Pendoo X8 Mini Cons

Standard firmware and weak Wi-Fi
720p YouTube

8. Minix Neo U1

MINIX NEO U9-H + MINIX NEO A3, 64-bit Octa-Core Media Hub for Android [2GB/16GB/4K/HDR/XBMC] and Six-Axis Gyroscope Remote with Voice Input. Sold Directly by MINIX Technology Limited.

“It’s not that fast” is what people say when you mention Minix Neo. That may be true, but a Quad-core and 1.5GHz processor keeps this baby up there.
Minix Neo is the device you use to surf the net. It is compact, the video quality is incredible, and it is a very efficient machine.

Minix Neo U1 Specs

Quad-core processor
4K and HD support
2GB RAM and 5.1.1 Lollipop OS
16GB storage and Wi-Fi support

Minix Neo U1 Pros

Very energy efficient
Extremely silent running
Great display quality
Ease of use

Minix Neo U1 Cons


Bluetooth connection is spotty
Not the greatest eye candy
Does not stream Amazon prime and YouTube

9. G-Box Q3 Plus TV Box

Matricom G-Box Q² Android TV Streaming Media Mini PC [2GB/16GB/4K] Quad/Octo Core
It is easy to use a model with impressive themes, apps, and music. There is a tutorial when you first put it on.

G-Box Q3 Plus TV Box Specs

Octo Quad-core processor
2GB RAM and 32GB storage
Amlogic S905 CPU.

G-Box Q3 Plus TV Box Pros

Ease of use
Great display resolution
Great themes

G-Box Q3 Plus TV Box Cons

No 4K support and it occasionally freezes
Limit to number of devices you can connect

10. Q Plus Android 9.0 TV Box

G-Box Q3 Plus TV Box (Android Nougat 7.1.2) Set-Top Box 4K/HD Media Player with WiFi/Ethernet, HDMI/USB/SD [Quad/Octo-Core 2GB/16GB] Bundle with Keyboard Remote
This model comes with YouTube, Kodi, and Netflix pre-loaded, and its excellent video resolution lets you turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV.

Q Plus Android 9.0 TV Box Specs

Quad-core processor
4 GB RAM and 32GB storage
3D and 6K video support

Q Plus Android 9.0 TV Box Pros

Great resolution
Cheap and light
Impressive storage capacity
Spotty Bluetooth
Not great for games

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