How to Install Smart IPTV Channels

Firts of all you need to activate Smart IPTV Application approximately for 5€. It is free for testing only 7 days.

After activating your MAC address, you can upload your channel list in two different ways ( From local m3u Files or External Links).

Let’s get started;

1- Upload your Local IPTV Playlist

Visit http://siptv.eu/mylist website and input your MAC address into “MAC” section.

After that, click “Choose File” button and select “m3u file” from your local folders. And press the “Upload” button.

That’s it. Your channels have been uploaded into your Smart IPTV Application. Restart your application and check your channels.

2- Add external playlist links (URLs)

Input your MAC Address into “MAC” section.

After that paste your m3u link into “Link” section and then press “Add Link” button.

Example m3u link format like below;


NOTE: If you want to remove your previous playlist before uploading your new file, use “Reset playlist” section.

this post is from : https://www.iptv1.org/

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How to Install Smart IPTV Channels
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