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free iptv 14/12/2018

free iptv today
free iptv today

IPTV  means :

IPTV is short name of  Internet Protocol Television
Internet Protocol Television is a communication protocol used for the transmission and reception of television services via an Internet connection, the IPTV protocol allows you to receive live TV channels or access VOD services.
Free IPTV :
iptv1 website is one of the best free IPTV providers for long years, we always update our files day by day and we chose and test IPTV links and m3u before put it on our website.
In the area ... you will discover holes of ground-breaking servers either determined or separated from paid communicate applications.
The details of these servers are exceptionally great and work without cutting and of changing quality among high and low.
why free IPTV stops?
as we said above free IPTV updated every day, that means the old link won't work anymore after the update so u need to come again to this post and download free IPTV again
Some of the time you find that the document does not chip away at a few projects, this issue from the IPTV source server.

the IPTV source server.

ALL FREE IPTV 14/12/2018

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  • How To Watch tv IPTV m3u on your PC – IPTV m3u Vlc !!

You can watch IPTV m3u with Vlc m3u Stream or Kodi or other application.
IPTV links list – Sport, Bein Sport, France, Film, Canal+, MBC UK …
To watch IPTV with Vlc, It’s very simple :
1 – Download or have the VLC software to open the m3u extension.
2 – Download the m3u IPTV file.
Download last Free IPTV m3u Channels m3u List links – Click Here or Click Here
3) Open the m3u file with vlc.

  • How To Watch tv IPTV m3u on Smartphone Android – Vlc Mobile IPTV

.You need to download these two applications from the Google Store
– Download first application: IPTV
– Download Second application: VLC Android
After downloading the two applications,
open the application of IPTV, then click on the Add Playlist
Click the Select File
Then you will see a list of channels,
placed files in the device memory
Download files m3u from the site IPTV or
Select a File
After selecting the file Channel you will see the playlist (channels), click one of the channels to run

  • How to setup IPTV on smart tv?

nothing better than watching channels TV in its origin place a tv device, it is something come from our culture, it is an old story hahaha, it is amusing not like watching it's on a smartphone or computer, but there is something called IPTV it provides huge channel how to watch it on my smart tv ?
it is so nice that you know about IPTV , so you must ask the right question can I watch IPTV on my tv, if yes, then how?
I will say yes you can watch IPTV on tv device if you have an old tv device you will need a receiver that supports IPTV, but if you have a smart tv then just follow those steps and you will watch tv in your device.

How to setup IPTV on smart tv?
Installing the application IPTV on Smart TV
You will find 2 ways to set up the application, either directly from the LG Store -which is the simplest way- or via a USB Drive for many models.

2  Start Application
Start the application, The screenshot below shows Smart IPTV interface. What we are thinking about for the time being is the MAC address of the Smart TV.

"If your app is not activated you are going to be required to get to activate for One-time charge"

3  Configuring the application
Enter the MAC address of your Smart TV.

Download M3U (m3u_plus) playlist from the account link you received from it updates free m3u ever day or buys one from trust seller
If you did everything correctly, the message “success …” appears with how many channels.
A. For using an online playlist (the account link can be posted here).
B. If you want to reset your entire changes to default.
4 Watch and Enjoy
Restart the Smart IPTV app to be able to make the changes we just made.

You should now be able to see channels list.

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