Tuesday, 17 April 2018

NetUP Combine 8x product review

What is Combine 8x:

Combine 8x is the main component of LAN IPTV or OTT IPTV system. It is an all-in-one device which is designed to provide IPTV and VoD for up to 1000 users. Technically, that is a hardware gateway with installed NetUP Billing / Middleware for 1000 users and VoD server for 50 concurrent sessions.

Combine 8x price for 1000 users is $15 000.

In case if you only need a Gateway/Headend station to receive channels, we can offer you Gateway 8x which is a Combine 8x without software.

Gateway 8x price is $6 000.

Functionality for Hotels:

For hospitality sector we have IPTV Combine 8x Hotel device.
The main advantage of this solution is an interface to MICROS-Fidelio hotel property management systems based on FIAS v.2 protocol. Using this you will get such features as:
guest check-in/out
order food and drinks
rent movies
room status for administrator
hotel information on the home screen.

Combine 8x Hotel price is $17 000

NetUP Android Set Top Box:

As client devices, we provide NetUP Quad Core Android IP STB's .

What devices do you need for your IPTV network:

Hotel / Hospital / Office Building (usually up to 1000 users)

In most cases of IPTV deployment within LAN it's enough to have Combine 8x and STB's for project start.

Online IPTV Provider / ISP (1 000 – 10 000 users and more)

For an OTT IPTV project, you will probably need additional hardware and software such as Transcoder server and CDN servers, several gateways and so on.

How can you get a quote and test NetUP products:


For making a specified quotation for your purpose I need to know more details about your project.
Please answer the questions below and I will prepare a solution special for you.

1. Is this IPTV in a LAN or OTT (Internet TV)?
2. How many channels and what's their source(DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S)? From how many frequencies?
3. Are they encrypted?
4. What other services are you going to provide? (VoD, TVoD, etc.)
5. What client devices will be used? (Android IP STB?)
6. How many client devices you will order at first stage?
7. Where the system will be installed?

So in order to proceed please answer the questions visit the site
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