Internet Protocol television

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Electronic TV guide

Electronic TV guide

EPG offers you numerous extras: A handy search function that allows you to quickly find a program or movie. A sort of 'alarm' on your television that you can set so that you are notified when your favorite program starts. Information about a program that you can request in a few seconds.

Convenient overview

Thanks to the electronic program guide, you can view the program range with a simple push of a button on your remote control. There is the possibility to view the offer per channel, per genre and in an overview. For example, you want to look at a quiz, the EPG shows what the range of quizzes is, what time they start and which channels they can be seen on.

How does it work?

Interactive digital television brings a handy interactive TV guide or EPG on your television screen, which shows all programs of all channels clearly. There is the possibility to view programs per channel, per genre and in an overview. The "nu-line" allows you to see without any difficulty what programs are running at a certain moment without having to zap.

More info

The EPG or electronic program guide is part of interactive digital television if you want more information about a specific program you can select it. The information remains for 5 seconds (name of the channel, image format, Teletext present (TXT), subtitles available (STTL), current time, start and end time of the current and next program as well as the age limit.