Internet Protocol television

Saturday, 24 March 2018

what is iptv ?

what is IPTV :

IPTV brings together two worlds: IP technology and television. A revolutionary symbiosis between two very different specializations. At a time when there was still only analogue television, the notions of IP and TV were never met. Traditional television used a coaxial network for the transfer of analogue TV signals. The limited resolution of analogue television has motivated the search for a better alternative.

In the early nineties, digital television entered the market. This digitization has led to the broadcast of TV signals on an Internet network, like any other digital data. The convergence of these two universes set in motion an unlimited interactivity and open possibilities unthinkable with analogue television.

IPTV can be seen as a set of multimedia services, such as television, video, audio, data, ... managed to meet the highest demands for service, interactivity, security and reliability...

IPTV offers a wide range of possibilities that require additional software to realize them. This software is also called 'middleware'. The middleware developed by Ant Systems is a user interface based on a browser. This middleware gives access to IPTV services via a PC or set-top box with the web browser. This software is fully customizable.

Ant Systems is proud of its 'in-house' and fully customizable middleware. This middleware provides access to various multimedia applications and interactive services such as live HDTV, radio, camera / DVD, messaging, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), VOD / MOD (Video On Demand / Music On Demand), RSS,. .. In short: the possibilities are endless!