Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to find all channels from one link.ts IPTV

all of us surfing the internet looking for free IPTV links to watch his channels but we found a list of another country today I will show how to find all the channel from one single link:

let say we found a link like below and we want to find all channels on this server 

open text editor:


now go find link with the m3u format or copy it from here :

http://iptv1.org:16050/get.phpusername=usernametochange&password=pasword to change&type=m3u

now copy the host and  port from the link .ts and replace it in m3u then the same thing to the username  and password 

in our example, we will replace 

http://iptv1.org:16050  >>>>  http://s1.iptv1.org:8000

usernametochange       >>>>  username

password to change     >>>>   password

Run m3u and onjoy All list

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