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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Tutorial - How to install the Milhano add-on on Kodi

This add-on is an excellent add-on IPTV, has lists from several countries and has several categories that you can explore.

It has lists of countries like Portugal, France, Brazil, etc.

I recommend the F4mtester add-on installation to work fine.

I will then explain how it installs through Video and Step-by-Step.

Tutorial - How to install the Milhano add-on in Kodi - Step-by-Step

1 - Go to settings


2 - Go to file manager

file manager

3 - Click Add Source

Add Source

4 - Click on none

Add Source

5 - Enter exactly the following address: http://www.j2mf4.com/plugin.video.milhano/ and give OK.


6 - Give the name of plugin.video.milhano and Confirm


7 - Return to the home menu and click on Add-ons


8 - Click on the Add-ons Explorer

Add-ons Explorer

9 - Click Install from a zip file

Install from a zip file

10 - Click on plugin.video.milhano


11 - Click on plugin.video.milhano-0.7.zip


12 - Put this and to the end of installing, just go to Add-ons - Video-Add-ons - Milhano


13 - Explore!

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