Sunday, 31 July 2016

How To Watch tv IPTV m3u on Smartphone Android – Vlc Mobile IPTV

To watch IPTV on your tablet with Vlc, It’s very simple :

You must download these two applications from the Google Store

– Download first application: IPTV 

– Download Second application: VLC Android

After downloading the two applications,

open the application of IPTV, then click on the Add Playlist

Click the Select File

Then you will see a list of channels,

placed files in the device memory

Download files m3u from the site IPTV or

Select a File

After selecting the file Channel you will see the playlist (channels), click one of the channels to run

if you didn't get it yet you can see how To watch IPTV on your tablet with Vlc with pictures

after download, the two apps, follow the pictures to see how it work

post updated :07/04/2018

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